Good morning J

I’m such a HUGE fan... I love it ... ALL OF IT!!

Keep making a smile on my face every single day …



P.s did I mention that I’m all the way from Saudi Arabia :D

So, i really wanted to listen to some new music. I went through all of the
stations on itunes and i chose yours. I chose yours because all of the other
ones were whack.

So, basically thanks for not playing stupid music.

-your faithful listener


It's 4.06pm here in Singapore & I've been at work & listening to you since 9, 10am.
Thought it'll be cool for you to know.
& good music by the way! :-)

Hi there,

I enjoy listening to your station! It would be nice to see a playlist posted sometime. I was wondering if you could tell me the band/artist that played "Everytime you go" just a few minutes ago?"


hello to dj indie air play!

Just sending out a note that I am LOVING whoever this chick, dahni, that sang the joni mitchell cover... She should DEFINITELY come back....

just an opinion of a fan...



I have to agree with "-your faithful listener" on your fans sections.

Thanks for not playing stupid music!!!!!!!

Sean T. Gleeson
Somewere in Southern Ohio, next to a barn and a tree stump.